Friday, June 21, 2013

College Financial Aid, We Want MORE....a lot more!

Being in college is quite the accomplishment. We all look forward to the new experiences to be had and the new friends to be made. However, when financial aid packages are sent out, you quickly realize how costly attending college can be. It then becomes a nuisance to all.
I feel as though some type of financial aid should be given to all students. Some families are too ‘rich’ and some families are too ‘poor’ for financial aid. I use the terms ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ very loosely, mind you. This problem of not supplying a sufficient amount of money for college students drives high numbers of loans borrowed, I am sure this is no secret though. I cannot recall how many conversations I have had with friends and associates about graduating in debt with all their student loans. As a student with student loans, I can assure you that I am dreading that day when it becomes time to start paying them back.
I really wish there was a better and more cost efficient way to attend college. Yes, I know that it is pretty impossible to lower the cost without grants and scholarships but wishful thinking can’t hurt. It is really disheartening hearing testimonies about people not being able to attend college because they are financially inept, for lack of a better word.

Yes, we want more financial aid!

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